Friday, June 3, 2011

Mining for Comedy Gold on The Twitter

There is this device available on the Interwebs now called "Twitter" that is about as addictive to the funnies among us looking for a laugh as a ball of rock snorty-snorty is to Charlie Sheen.  It's another avenue on which the laughers can exercise and showcase their comedic chops - and, all at the very affordable price of zero cost to us.  Hooray for technology!

Here is a list of five people on Twitter who always make this dirty bird chuckle - you can just click on their names and it'll take you to their Twitter accounts, you lazy assholes:

Yeah - they're vagina-carrying ladies.  What can I say, fellas?  Step up yo' game - except you, @robdelaney  ... not only are you as funny as these ladies, you're as pretty, too!

Anyway, check out those Twittizens pronto - be careful ... you might laugh so hard you pop a lung.

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