Friday, June 3, 2011

Is This Thing On?!!

Hello E'rybody!  And, welcome to Renegade Comedy!

Since you're here, I'm assuming you're a fan of comedy - probably a sexy one, too, am I right or am I right?  Holla!  Well, I'll keep this short & sweet.

Not unlike the forefathers of the great nation of The America States, it is my aspiration to develop this Renegade Comedy blog as a one-stop shopping experience for you to find info about the hilariouser peeps and orgs that are out there doing their thang - because e'ryone likes a fun peep or an org!  (Look at you and your dirty mind, Sicko McPervertson.)

Anyway, so lemme go find some stuffs to put up in here for all ya'lls (shoutout Brit-Brit!)  And, of course, any questions, please don't ask.  Uhh - don't hesitate to ask.  Thanks!

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